So, i am kinda of a new python programmer, if i can call myself like that, and i am trying to learn through the “picking new projects” procedure.
What i want to do now is :

enter a website that gives live score results as for example.
somehow scrape all the teams that playing against each other and manipulate those data.
Then i want to build an app that takes those data, arrange them nicely in a table format (let’s say) and then update it every time a team scores a goal (possibly through scrapping again ? i don’t know..). So i want to project them as my own data.

As i am new to python, i don’t even know if that’s possible to be done.
If so, can you help me ? Point me to some directions maybe, point me specific chapters of python to read, specific modules etc etc ?

I really need any help i can get because i am really lost on the matter.
I don’t know where to begin with.

Thanks in advance