I am right at the end of my script and this must be the last page I have to go through and I am stuck. I have spend 3hrs with different combination and different methods trying to load the elements.

the page is heavly javascript so when I try and get page source it gives me

This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

I have identified there are two frames inside the window and tried to apply all the attempts against both frames.

The result when I try and select to the frame



**Message: no such element: Unable to locate element: {"method":"xpath","selector":"//*[@id="three"]/tbody/tr[2]/td/div[2]/a/input"}**

i have also tried the below with or without the [0] on all frames still the same issue

**driver.find_element_by_xpath('.//input[@type="radio" and @value="05"]')[0].click**

I have tried this but also get the same error

**element = driver.find_element_by_id("reason")**

Below is a screenshot of the code in the inspector window.
screenshot of inspector