There are many real business examples for which web scraping is being currently used by businesses. The following are some examples.

Real Estate Listings gathering – It is a huge and growing web scraping area. This is an area where the businesses are using web scraping to gather already listed properties.
Who is using it :

All MLS companies are using it.

Many Real Estate Agents are using it as well. (Although for very specific websites)

2. Email Address gathering – This is used by a lot of companies. The main purpose of this is lead generation. Once the emails are collected, bulk emails are sent.

Who is using it:

Many different businesses usually practicing email marketing

3. Product review scrapes – this is an important one and the reason why many companies use it is so that they can keep an eye on their competitors.

Who is using it:

Usually companies selling specific products (they scrape competitors website)

4. Scraping to create other websites. The purpose is to get similar data from different websites and then post all that data into one.

Who is using it:

Website creators. You might have heard of a scraper website. A good example would be indeed, a specific website example would be

5. Collecting data from different social media websites, whats trending and whats in.

Who uses it :

A lot of social media companies.

6. Getting massive amounts of data for research purposes. This could be scraping of government websites or other websites for stats, general information and such.

Who uses it:

Research Companies (This is again a growing one) Research companies pull in massive amounts of data and then make sense of it.

7. Specific task scraping / One time scraping. This is when you need data from a particular website for a very specific purpose just one time.

Who uses it:

Almost all businesses.

Example :

Scraping of funny video titles with more than 1 million views. To analyze what kind of titles are doing well.

Scraping Amazon for specific category of books.

Scraping reddit for particular keywords to get all the info about it. Like when and why are people using that keyword. So on.


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